Glass Leading Exports From Bundaberg!


Sunstate Sands @ Bundaberg Port

The high quality sand of Bundaberg’s Sunstate Sands; has again enabled a successful shipment to South East Asia’s Glass industry.

Following the first export late last year, Sunstate Sands Bundaberg Pty Ltd have received unprecedented interest from overseas; resulting in the securing of this new client with long term opportunity.

Selected for its unique mineral / silica content, the Sunstate Sands Bundaberg product also proved superior in its consistent sizing due to their significant processing plant investment.

Group General Manager, Darren Wardle said that the OHSAS18801 accredited mine was well positioned for additional capacity, and upon approval; Sunstate Sands Bundaberg will look to establish a larger permanent stockyard at the Port of Bundaberg to satisfy ongoing customer requirements.

The assistance, guidance and support of the Port of Bundaberg have again been pivotal in securing these export ventures; and are greatly appreciated.

The prospect of consistent shipping for the Port of Bundaberg provides the opportunity for further activity and job creation for the Port and surrounding areas.


Major Export Win For Bundaberg

After two years of discussions and negotiation, a Bundaberg Sand Mining operation has achieved a major coup for Bundaberg.

Sunstate Sands Australia has secured a significant export arrangement with one of the leading foundry / resin coated sand supplier in Japan and South East Asia. The Sunstate Sands sand was primarily chosen for its high silica content and can be used in Foundry and Glass production markets.

With Australia supplying 90% of the silica sand used to produce the world’s flat TV screen and smart phone market; the high quality of this produced sand represents an exciting opportunity for the Bundaberg region to compete on the world stage.

This achievement follows significant investment in the upgrade of the Sunstate Sands processing plant to improve capacities; and the OHSAS 18801 accreditation of the sand mine which recognises their excellent management systems to be of International Quality Standard.

In addition; the assistance, guidance and support of the Port of Bundaberg is highly regarded and appreciated in enabling the success of this new export venture.

A successful shipment could mean the establishment of a long term contracts and the potential of other export opportunities that could create more jobs in the region. It also stands to pave the way for other exporters to use the resources of the Port of Bundaberg; which would also have significant benefits for the region.

OHSAS 18001 Accreditation for Bundaberg Mine.


Sunstate Sands Bundaberg Pty Ltd on the 14th April has gained accreditation to OHSAS 1800 with compliance to AS/NZ 4801. This accreditation recognises excellent management systems that meet this international quality standard and help to provide our customers with quality products and services.



Sunstate Sands Helps Clean Up Bargara.

An international renowned food chain recently constructed a new store in Bargara and has used Sunstate Sands’ certified Bio – Retention Filter Blend to the filter the storm water run-off from their car park and the surrounding area. The concept of the Bio-retention basin to slow down the absorption of the water from the car park and surrounds (that may contain oils and other pollutants) long enough for the specifically chosen plants to absorb those pollutants and thus allowing cleaner water to flow through to the under lying storm water drains. This is now compulsory by the State Government in most new developments and sub divisions. To achieve this result, a strict specification must be adhered to ensure the correct flow rate to slow the water down while having sufficient organic and natural chemical content within the mix to promote healthy plant life during the initial stages.

Sunstate Sands Bio Filter Blend can be tailored to the specific project requirements and can be independently tested and certified to ensure the desired result is achieved. For more information, please contact Marc via email


Bio – Retention Filter Blend Bargara Qld


Bio – Retention Filter Blend Bargara Qld

Bargara Golf Club

Bargara Golf Club recently constructed 2 new holes on their prestigious golf course, and chose Sunstate Sands’ pure white Bunker Blend for the new bunkers. Sunstate Sands recently had their sand tested, and with the assistance of the Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association (ASGSA) developed a unique blend of their different natural sands that complied with the very tight guidelines. As most golf superintendents would agree, it very difficult to find a sand that looks good, is easy to maintain, holds itself up on the verticals and doesn’t bury (plug) the ball when it lands. Bargara’s superintendent says “that he is very happy with the final results, and he has no negative feedback from the members, and they are the key people to keep happy.”

For more information regarding our pure white Bunker Blend, please contact Marc via email


Bargara Golf Club Qld


Bargara Golf Club Qld


Bargara Golf Club Qld


Bargara Golf Club Qld


Schuhkraft Park Playground Bargara

Bundaberg Regional Council has recently installed a new playground at Schuhkraft Park in Bargara, and have chosen Sunstate Sands’ certified playground sand to compliment the surroundings and to provide a safe, soft landing for the children playing on it. As highlighted by one of the designers of the park, “sand gives another element of play for the children. If they don’t want to play on the equipment, they can simply build a castle or create whatever else they like using their imagination.” One of the other benefits of sand as a playground surface is that it is clean (as the fines have been washed out) and can be easily brushed off and does not stain clothing. For more information regarding our certified playground and softfall sands, please contact Marc via email



Schuhkraft Park Playground Bargara Qld


Schuhkraft Park Playground Bargara Qld

Schuhkraft Park  Playground Bargara 1

Schuhkraft Park Playground Bargara Qld



ISO Recertification for Bundaberg Site.

On the 23rd January, for the 3rd year running, Sunstate Sands, Bundaberg Pty Ltd gained recertification for the Internationally recognised  Quality Management System  ISO9001-2008 . This accreditation recognises excellent management systems that meet this international quality standard and help to provide our customers with quality products and services.

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