Sunstate Sands Helps Clean Up Bargara.

28 March 2014

An international renowned food chain recently constructed a new store in Bargara and has used Sunstate Sands’ certified Bio – Retention Filter Blend to the filter the storm water run-off from their car park and the surrounding area. The concept of the Bio-retention basin to slow down the absorption of the water from the car park and surrounds (that may contain oils and other pollutants) long enough for the specifically chosen plants to absorb those pollutants and thus allowing cleaner water to flow through to the under lying storm water drains. This is now compulsory by the State Government in most new developments and sub divisions. To achieve this result, a strict specification must be adhered to ensure the correct flow rate to slow the water down while having sufficient organic and natural chemical content within the mix to promote healthy plant life during the initial stages.

Sunstate Sands Bio Filter Blend can be tailored to the specific project requirements and can be independently tested and certified to ensure the desired result is achieved. For more information, please contact Marc via email


Bio – Retention Filter Blend Bargara Qld


Bio – Retention Filter Blend Bargara Qld