Major Export Win For Bundaberg

23 September 2015

After two years of discussions and negotiation, a Bundaberg Sand Mining operation has achieved a major coup for Bundaberg.

Sunstate Sands Australia has secured a significant export arrangement with one of the leading foundry / resin coated sand supplier in Japan and South East Asia. The Sunstate Sands sand was primarily chosen for its high silica content and can be used in Foundry and Glass production markets.

With Australia supplying 90% of the silica sand used to produce the world’s flat TV screen and smart phone market; the high quality of this produced sand represents an exciting opportunity for the Bundaberg region to compete on the world stage.

This achievement follows significant investment in the upgrade of the Sunstate Sands processing plant to improve capacities; and the OHSAS 18801 accreditation of the sand mine which recognises their excellent management systems to be of International Quality Standard.

In addition; the assistance, guidance and support of the Port of Bundaberg is highly regarded and appreciated in enabling the success of this new export venture.

A successful shipment could mean the establishment of a long term contracts and the potential of other export opportunities that could create more jobs in the region. It also stands to pave the way for other exporters to use the resources of the Port of Bundaberg; which would also have significant benefits for the region.