Sunstate Sands Products Now Available from Oz Pebbles

Sunstate Sands Group is proud to announce that select bulk Sunstate Sands products are now available from our Oz Pebbles division. This means that you can now order select bagged high quality dried fine sand and dried coarse sand products from Oz Pebbles, along with Oz Pebbles wide range of decorative tumbled, natural and crushed pebbles.

Sunstate Sands is a leading silica sand supplier in Queensland, Australia, with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Our site produces pure white, high-grade silica sand of about 99.8% silicon dioxide, with a variety of particle sizes and gradations to suit different applications. Our sand products are used in industries such as foundry, epoxy, architectural coatings, pool and decorative finishes, filtration, glass and ceramics.

Oz Pebbles is a wholesaler, distributor and supplier of quality Australian decorative pebbles for landscaping. Oz Pebbles offers a wide selection of pebbles in different colours, sizes, shapes and textures to suit your needs and preferences. Oz Pebbles products are sourced from quality quarries throughout Australia and can be delivered to you in bulk bags or by truck loads.

By ordering select Sunstate Sands products from Oz Pebbles, you can enjoy the convenience and cost-effectiveness of getting all your materials from one place. You can also benefit from the expertise and service of our friendly and professional staff, who can help you with your product selection and delivery arrangements.

To find out more about Sunstate Sands products and Oz Pebbles products, please visit our websites at Sunstate Sands and Oz Pebbles.  You can also contact Oz pebbles by phone or email to place your order or request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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